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The Supernatural World in which. I am Professsionally involved by John Isaacs

Exhibition May 19th - June 23rd 2007

Invaliden1 is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new works by John Isaacs. It is not necessary to categorise or define the work of this mercurial British artist, than to say that, whether it is directly in his titles, or in the physical manifestation of his work, Isaacs presents to us a world vision full of both longing and intellect. His work is infused not just with a romantic sense of a lost utopia, but also the absurdity of it's very inception. For Isaacs it is not the things that separate us from one another but the things that we share but somehow loose along the way which are of interest.

In 1998 Isaacs went to Padua to film a documentary about the 16th century Anatomy Theatre in which Andrea Vesalius gave his first public lectures on human anatomy. Upon arrival in Padua he discovered that all the hotels were fully booked because of an international flower convention. He was advised by one hotel manager to take the train out of Padua to a smaller town near by called Albano Therme - where there were many hotels, owing to it being a natural spa town. What Isaacs discovered there was a town full of old people, soaking their weary arthritic bodies in the sulphurous hot spring water by day, and dancing in the evenings to old waltzes. The footage Isaacs took in Albano Therme now features in this exhibition. A few years before visiting Padua, Isaacs had made a trip to San Diego to film and interview Professor Stanley Miller. In the 1950's Miller had performed a ground-breaking experiment which produced invitro the pre-biotic environment of the earth millions of years before life existed. The primordial soup, as it was called proved that the building blocks of life - amino acids - could have been produced in the earths oceans billions of years ago.

"The old people, sitting in the warm waters of Albano Therme, facing death and looking back on their lives, are not sad, as time has prepared them for this moment; their bodies physically wind down, slowly and will join the earth. Sadness comes from being out of time and place, out of step, alone, like the romantic image of the artist looking on from the outside onto a world, which needs to be reshaped into their mirror. That is an anguish without end."

John Isaacs has exhibited extensively on an international level. Exhibitions include / Wonderful Life, Lisson Gallery, London, 1993 / Young British Artists IV, The Saatchi Gallery, London, 1996 / Spectacular Bodies, The Hayward Gallery, London, 2000 / Century City, Tate Modern, 2001 / Mike Kelly-The Uncanny, Tate Liverpool, 2004 / Les Grande Spectacle, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg, 2004, and In the darkest hour there maybe light, works from the Damien Hirst collection, The Serpentine Gallery, London. He is currently working on an extensive new book to be published by Other Criteria, London, and will this month be exhibiting in group exhibitions at the Neues Museum, Bremen, and the Folkwang Museum Essen.

In Colaboration with 52 Gallery.