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Six Ring Tones by Rui Calçada Bastos / Paul Ekaitz / Sergio Belinchón / Frank Kalero / Antonio Mesones / Santiago Ydáñez

Exhibition June 22nd - July 16th 2005

Six Ring Tones is the inaugural exhibition of the contemporary art gallery Invaliden1. At this first show, those responsible for the project - six  artists living in Berlin - present their work before starting shows by other already invited artists, the first of whom will be Ulf Aminde, in August.

The exhibition Six Ring Tones has a sense inherent to the logic of the Invaliden1 project as well as to the development of its six founders. Each of the artists has a very close connection to another European city; yet, the project would lose its coherence in any other location, since they all share the same identification with Berlin as an elected creative space, so much so that this is the central point of the project's carrying out. At Six Ring Tones, space relapses as an operating agent per se.

Rui Calçada Bastos, the only Portuguese artist amongst five Spanish participants, shows Love Map (2003), previously on shown at Künstlerhaus Bethanien. This is the map of a reinvented geography. Here, Berlin, Paris, Budapest and Lisbon are meticulously agglutinated, making one single large city. Paul Ekaitz has built, in sculpture form, a similar concept to the one developed by Bastos in flat form. He started by making a patient Model of the flats of each of his friends in Berlin. After this, he assigned each of them a different colour and finally composed them into a big building in a succession of interior yards, evoking Berlin's typical planning system. Its title, Hinerhof, comes as a drift from Hinterhof. At Six Ring Tones he will show, for the first time in Berlin, Interiors Paz Lázaro, Interiors Yellow Sergio Belinchón and Interiors Blue Frank Kalero (all from 2005), a group of photographs taken from different angels in the interior of the sculpture. (Shown last March for the first time at the artist's solo exhibition at gallery Nogueras Blanchard, in Barcelona).

In the last few years, Sergio Belinchón and Frank Kalero have been working on questions related to intimate and public spaces. Belinchón´s video The Office (2005) is a travelling which covers, along a succession of right angle changes of direction, a working routine across the façade of an office building in Potsdamer Platz. Kalero´s The Wood Box (2005) portraits the confused identity of a man. Kalero directs the magazine OjodePez and has been deeply committed to documentary photography for the few last years now.

The two painters taking part in the project are showing recent work; in the last few years Antonio Mesones has deepened an investigation into colour and translucency in his gestual painting, mostly working with acrylics. Santiago Ydáñez, working mostly on large format acrylics has been defined through the exhaustive use of expressionist themes. Previously focussed on animals, he has more recently exploited the parallels between human emotional expression and animalistic gesture.