Past exhibitions


Rückwärtsvorgehen / -15º C by Sarah Schastok / Peter Klare

Exhibition June 10th - July 8th 2006

Someone who advances backwards progresses more slowly. Without truly seeing where he is going, his gaze is directed towards the immediate past. Paradoxical as it may seem, this way of proceeding corresponds to the blindness of our experience and the perturbation of our permanently agitated consciousness, constantly facing the upcoming new past. The attempt to gain clarity can only derive from the last mistake, originated by the last movement. It can be recognized, considered, handled and corrected, whereupon new mistakes will arise. In this way, it goes to and fro, further and forwards. The drawings of Sarah Schastok evoke and document such inner processes and efforts of orientation - which are those of a consciousness irritated by perception - in a pleasantly wordless manner.

Peter Klare's work is firmly placed on the slippery slope of ambiguity, of both perception and representation. Structure, surface, depth, volume and primary form are the raw materials for this artist whose pieces may take the form of painting, sculpture, and/or photography; often being all and none of these things at once. His last series of works were literally painted in a snow-filled forest near Berlin. These large-format paintings hover between gestural landscape painting and old-school abstract expressionism, with the artist fully assuming the romantic tradition of the solitary figure experiencing and expressing a larger-than-life landscape.

Dirk Praller