Past exhibitions


Paraiso by Sergio Belinchón

Exhibition October 7th - November 11th 2006

The word Paradise is normally understood as an ideal place on earth where everything seems to be quiet, peaceful, beautifully's a no place/no land, a utopia, a fiction to escape from reality. In our contemporary world the construction of this fictitious paradise starts when we accept that what we see on TV, in the magazines - incredible bodies, delicious red lips, clean blue seas, purple cows in intense green praries- is where we want to go or what we want to be. The world has become a huge amusement park, where every participant wants to look and be looked, consume and consumed, and hence we need a dose, or an over-dose, of fiction that invites us to accept and contemplate it as we wish it was and not as it really is.

Photography adds a portion of reality to the fake. When a photograph of the fictitious situation is taken the result is not much different from those taken by tourists in historical or natural resorts. A tourist travels to an unknown land, takes hundreds of pictures or films, hundreds of hours of experiences to return home and live the experience over and over again with family and friends. Why travel to Egypt to admire the pyramids or to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower when we can see them in a holyday resort in the south of Spain or travel around the world without leaving Las Vegas? This is one of many paradox of our contemporary world that Sergio Belinchón transmits through his photography, more authentic than reality.

In one room Sergio Belinchón presents only one photograph of large format (190 x 260 cm) of the series Paradise representing the Caryatid Porch of Erechtheion, located in a theme park in Benidorm, Spain.

In the second room of the gallery, a video projection showing a particular version of the holiday entertainment of two middle age women in the seventies. The original material consisted of more than 15 hours of Super8 film starring the two anonymous women in their journey around the world. New York, Disneyland, Menorca, Miami...touristic sites back in the seventies, touristic sites still today that make us meditate about the way we travel and see places.