Past exhibitions


Life Still by Paul Ekaitz

Exhibition November 17th - February 11th 2008

Self-knowledge is based on the environment and people encountered in the course of life. The aesthetic of an image describes a person´s unintentional way of being and this is the connection to the artworld. Is the image a self-mirror?

The corner in each person. This small place in the house that has never been entered, since no path takes you to it, until you stare at it. Whiteness on the sides, dead animals, white also some fruits and drinks of a consumed space of life or of a life to be consumed.

The conceptual space of the image stays undefined, but there are always recognizable obsessions, which have been well framed; which have managed to find a place in a corner of the image world; which many can recognize but thousands cannot understand. At the end, the image is a language for everyone from thousand angles but only from a unique point of view, that from oneself.